STORY TIME : ​Title _ it was Ada – Episode: 4

​Title: it was Ada

Episode: 4

I opened my eyes to meet five other pairs of curious eyes. I could smell it, the stench, the smell of fear. What is it? Asked my aunt. I was beginning to return to Normalcy. I moved my lips in a bid to explain what happened but I couldn’t. What was I gonna say? That I had sex with Ada and that she’s a witch? No, I knew better than to spill red oil on a white cloth. “Oh, I must’ve been sleep walking” I said half trembling. You know that kind of stare your friends give you when you tell them that you have a swimming pool in your compound but armed robbers stole one? You know that you are lying and your friends probably know too but they decide to believe you any ways. I mean, who sleep-walks and screams “Jesus” at some bloody 2am?. That was it, I had given my explanation, it was the best lie I could conjure at the time. One by one they deserted me with dissatisfaction written all over their faces. I watched Ada leave, she turned back and looked at me with a confused stare.


I couldn’t sleep anymore, several thoughts ran down my mind as I did not know what to think anymore. It is either Ada is Voodoo affiliated or the house is haunted by an Incubus, a double faced one at that. I laid there wide awake, up until dawn. There was no way I could trust the dark with my eyes closed. Many things happened while I was awake. I heard someone walking in the corridor. I was too terrified to check, I just laid there with my finger crossed. Sometimes I would feel someone laying beside me and I will shine my phone light only to discover nothing. It felt real but it also felt Imaginary. It was a long Night, a later silent but unholy night.


I could hear cocks crow distances away. It was the announcement of dawn, the departure of the fear of the dark. At least, I would tremble less at day light. I was the first to wake: I left my room to do chores but discovered that nobody had woken yet. The thought of Ada coming out of her room to meet me led me to speed back into my room. I couldn’t risk it, I wasn’t gonna start my day haunted. My Aunt came to my room soon enough and invited me for morning devotion with the family. I left my room without much Ado to the sitting room. No, I did not trust anyone with my eyes closed even during prayers. I called Jesus many times but with my eyes open. My gaze was fixed on Ada.

Many thoughts ran through my mind, I shouted Jesus many times in my prayer hoping that Ada will fall and turn into a yam and confess but nothing happened. Before I could shout more ‘Jesus’ I heard a thunderous Amen…

It was from her, It was Ada….


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