Very Funny! The 3 Thieves At The Court & The Intelligent Judge (Read This Joke & Spice Up Your Day)



3 thieves were taken to court, and were found guilty. The 1st man stole 1 sardine. The judge said 3yrs in prison bcos there are 3 fish inside 1 sardine.

The 2nd man stole a tray of egg. He got 30 years in prison because a tray of egg contains 30 eggs.

And the 3rd guy collapsed even without hearing his own judgment yet.

Do you know why he fainted? He stole a bag ofrice. 😳😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂

How many years in prison? 😂

The End!

Happy Sunday to you all – Make I go play with them my Friends. See you guys later!

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