Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 263-264)

The wedding arrangements of Roshni and Siddharth are proceed. Both the families are excited with the news. Siddharth finds Roshni alone and begins romancing with her however soon Siddharth’s grandma’s sister shows up at the scene. Before long, both families show up at the scene.

A contention breaks out between the new guest of both the families and it is later brought under control. Later, the new guest at Sidharth’s house is disturbed with Kritika. She doesn’t like how Kritika is included with the Khurana family. In the interim, Simran finds Biji playing with a baby toy and gets suspicious.

The party is organized at Roshni’s home where both Roshni and Siddharth’s family are enjoying the pre-wedding evening. The bash includes dance and music. In the midst of this party, Kritika finds a container of pregnancy pills in Roshni’s washroom. In the long run, Kritika discovers that Roshni is pregnant. She then shares the news with Simran, who gets excited.

Simran then finds Roshni dancing and she just wishes that nothing happens to her and the child that she is carrying. In any case, before she could do anything, Roshni loses her balance and she is about falling. Will the news of Roshni’s pregnancy be reach the guest present at the party?

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