LYRICS : Kezman – Emotional Therapy [Full Album]


intro. (Track1)

Chorus. As u can see i gat Tha’ therapy, i pray ya’all relate to this (×2)

Verse 1

Hello everyone listening to this

Religious groups and my dawgs in the street, first! I’m a guy you can relate to, positive music i promise you, yea!

I ain’t tryna’ be impressive, gat so many mistakes cos I’m not perfect,

That should never be your problem so many doubting my progress, too young to feed on my lyrics? I’ve been through alot, situations that a man on   fire will say it’s hot.

Now my music is the heat, still rolling like a fan very soon you’ll feel the breeze, am not here for a beef but any rapper who wanna contest me should better go read the Bible and get some hint,

Well I’m from a divided family left with two brothers our day’s full of struggles, now rapping with tears in my eyes cos I’ve seen em’ troubles

We hardly eat, we never in peace

I pray you see this, that I’m here with the therapy!



See my music is part of me, I’m not begging for you to hear or share it, i remember getting little penny but i put em’ in my music i was starving so this could be a real story, now look at me!

I’m a man who God has helped i remember going to some elders but they never helped, shout out to my fans and the rest, all of my team you know yourselves, but i ain’t begging for recognition to please people is never my mission but to preach Jesus! So how come u say my songs doesn’t have a message, that in my music there’s an atom of hatred? That’s never a statement, when i look to so many my song have positively affected, so i ain’t backsliding but backrhyming when i announced my album some might be over there frowning but that can’t stop me cos I’m out here grinding find me in the buff I’m rhyming

Pray u see this that I’m here with the therapy!


Emotional therapy (track2)


See my life ain’t that beautiful

Still am not tryna be you

In my heart I’m still skillful some awful but I’m powerful cos, i gat my emotional therapy, eh, emotional therapy, i gat my gat my emotional therapy(×8


Yea I’m so indecisive

Mehn I’m always frowning

Expect me to be laughing?

Boy I’m always complaining

Yea my head is heavy, there’s too much running and i cannot contain it,

You wanna relate with this, hold up not now cos I’m off and am running




You expect me to smile?

You expect me to be happy?

You don’t expect me to starve?

But you won’t give me Money

See my mind is for me i don’t expect ya to tell me what to think,

If this life is for real i gat my own course on what to believe.

I don’t fall for everything

If you lying pls let me be

I gotta heart and i feel too

Mehn i gotta live peaceful.

But momma is dead, is that peace too? I swear i prayed for her

But she’s down on the ground and you expect me to come out and smile to the crowd?

When i see some happy families out there, you don’t expect me to frown, when my household joy is lost and not found, do i look like a freaking clown?

Yea I’m a believer, guaranteed to live in peace

But i don’t know what you think i still roll with the king cos He is my therapy that’s it.

Verse 3

How would you feel if people rejected you

But the saying’s that God accepted you, but you need humans too


I need to go to college too

Or higher school

Not just in church and say that you’re blessed

There’s lotta place you should be and connect

Sometimes i feel like going back to the street

Join my hommies drink and be smoking the weeds

Oh that life is not real, but the bars all day is opened for we

The church after mass the gate are sealed, so where should i be

On my own Lonely at home See the world is corrupt but the word is in us.

People expect the best from me, but that ain’t how it should be

You’re blind but expected to see.

I don’t expect everyone to love me cos I’ve seen the worst of a family Christian makes me feel lonely? I’m in a horse that someone is riding? I stand with God but kneeling to men for favour, is that why i have a saviour?


When He made me a mayor with a crown that’s major

I lost my mind when i lost my love ain’t talking bout’ a girlfriend but a woman Who’s more than a girlfriend, she’s more than a crush. But death came and slaughter my family, people hates me I’m aware of it, i swear they ain’t even competitive, music is my medicine. Therapy.


I miss you (track3)

Yea i feel like I’ll lost someone I’ll always have, I’ll always yeaaeh, yea i feel like i lost someone I’ll always have, I’ll always have hmm mummy


Yea living with just mum makes things get harder, and our days wasn’t full of laughter, we really trust God to him i give all the shout out, our days was black, i can’t make it look white with a powder, my dad was one of the prisoners who was bruise like Jesus cos he wouldn’t listen up,

Mum said she had enough mehn i taught as much.

By then i don’t really know my dad he was jailed when i was little in my mum’s arm, but i recognize him later on, before my signed the later off, can’t continue, time to be on her own, cos with a man she still gotta build a home,

Tell me what’s the essence of the marriage, when for so many years they all live in bondage, evil does full harm, like it’s in craven cottage

Dad is now blind, mum passed on, i mean she died, after all the hard work for us to survive, tell me what’s the essence Of this life when the helper God sent is no longer alive!


Why’d you have to go

Why’d you have to go

Why’d you have to go

Eh i miss you

Why’d you have to go

Why’d you have to go

Why’d you have to go


It was early two sixteen, my mum’s like “kez i love how you do your thing, you found Christ no lie that’s the best thing,” she shook my head and smile at me she was happy she told me that she loves me, en she’ll never leave me, that even when dad left us she stayed and made me feel thankful like one of the cleansed lepers, she was working but all the salary was just for us, cos of the love she got, she didn’t tell me lies, she was locked in the cell for month cos she married a drug dealer then i cried, where’s my mum? I wanna see your eyes you all i got, late last year she told me bout’ her swollen breast, oh my God is this a test

Quickly we prayed, i told her to be strong i don’t know what to say

Cos the preacher said it’s cancer, the doctor said “i don’t know” he couldn’t give Us an answer, he said “No, i can’t handle this, take her and go!”


Mum died, when this news came i was really surprise, my only hope is no longer alive.

Mum why’d you have to go? You said you see me having a bright future, but I’m here standing at your funeral, you in the coffee, but i wished you could say “hello” i love you, but you gat me crying right here, why’d you have to go?

I remember the sweet moments when you tell me stories, some are funny, i never planned to loose you, if they tell me you’ll die I’ll quickly rule you, you struggled just to put me in school, you taught me how to serve God, i was in your tommy for nine months, when i was a baby you traveled with me, i was sick at birth but tried so I’ll survive, i remember when you anointed me to stay alive, you my love, i wish you can see me, I’ll never be a bad son, trust me.

I love you mummy i can’t believe this, that you ain’t here with me to witness this therapy, I’m still your king.


Earth shakes (track4)


Earth shakes (earth shakes)

Earth breaks (earth breaks)

Family broken (family broken)

But my faith ain’t shaken (yea)


Religious leaders acting wrong, it’s so bad they ain’t giving God’s word

Our society is tumbling, the government is there, but the masses still struggling, and there’s no salary, so parents going out getting cheddars carnally, there’s religious war, the bombings and killings someone tell me what’s wrong

It’s clearly a bad living, but not for me, check john 17:16 it says I’m from the heavenly family so death can’t get rid of me, cos am cos am cos am already dead, now living up there, in the father’s right hand, take my word for it’s the truth, nothing else can be true, I’m not here just a pilgrim passing through, so tell my mama kez is good I’m good,

Even if the



We don’t care if the earthshakes,

We fix our eyes on the cross to keep our head straight.

We don’t care if the earth shakes

We fix our eyes on the cross to keep our head straight.


It feels good that we already won,

So ain’t struggling to be a Victor,

I just fix my eyes on what Christ did on the cross

So why can’t you see that you more than a conqueror.

Just trust in the saviour who came

And let your battle not be mortal like liu kang.

Let Christ take the wheel.

You just sit back relax, cos he will.

Even if the.


•God is good. (Track5)

Verse 1

You awake in your own dreams,

You gat goals but you can’t achieve it,

The fact is: you not sleeping

All you worked for is all missing.

Lost your parents, maybe to cancer

Now all you need is some answers,

You still struggling with sin

You wanna change but something stopping you from with in.


I know you’ve been struck down in many ways

You love God but still tryna find a place

In your heart to believe His love, mercy and grace

The glory to be revealed is beautiful than your face.

God never planned the bad for you

It all happened but He can turn them to good,

God will never take you like a fool, He’s always with you and everything you do the biggest lie of the devil’s that God never exist


Say my God is good

I believe your healing hands

Please Lord come clean this dirt

I need a therapist and all I know is you you you (×2

Verse 2

You rejected by the society

Cos you couldn’t meet up their needs

You gat a terrible skin disease

So all day you scared to be seen.

Or maybe you don’t know how to talk,

Left aside in your place of work.

You a star but never been selected

You tryna fit in but mehn you rejected


Verse 3

Hello boy’ i ain’t a soldier boy, but I’ve fought a lot.

Despite me in the synagogue, still searching to see God’s love, but i was tryna use my head, so tell me what’s the spirit for.

Mehn i gotta go to war, spiritual not carnal, my weapons all stored in heaven ain’t talking AK47 but the grace to trust God even when things looks terrible, ain’t tryna make God look good, but all I’m saying is.





Get Ready (track6)


I never taught that this could be me, uh oh uh oh eh yea eh yea,

I never taught that i could be free

Uh oh uh oh eh yea eh yea

I never taught that this could be me,

Uh oh uh oh eh yea eh yea

I never taught that i could be free, but now I’m free, eh yea

Verse 1

Get ready for this change

Get ready for this new age

Get ready for the pledge

I’m totally free, i ain’t going back to the cage

The shy me been dealt with

Jesus rhyming won’t be a secret

So you can find me in the pulpit

Christ standing won’t forfeit it.

Uh, the church will actually be my hobbie

So tell em’ this how balling

To the street I’ll be there surely

To the night I’ll be the morning

No more tears, no mourning

I look back to where i came from, all i do is smile and call it A1

I’m not there yet, but the step’s what legs can’t climb, oh yea you see, I’m glad

It’s just a covenant I’m in

Used to role up in the street

Till I’m saved and redeemed

Expect the best from me

In all my ways I’ll be cool and coded

My faith and my spirit man all been loaded

I keep my faith my fan one hundred

Yea, am on it

A million show, that’s not my problem

Million shows, now that’s my covenant yea

If this life’s water, I’ll swim through by the way

Cos my God so fly, Abu Dhabi airways

Landed in me, now I’m free like holidays

So i see things, when I close my eyes and pray

You flow sick, i flow healing

You live in tricks, like jet Lee

Get ready for the second coming of the saviour, but before then ama do exploit.



Get ready for the king

Get ready for the new me

Get ready to be healed

Infirmity, sin and disease

You know hommie it’s a new era

Now you could say your boy knows better,

It’s the end of the massacre, cos evil puts light mascara, change comes, after that.

I’m in the state that i can’t complain cos God’s word is all i contain,

I’ll never take my mission in vain, I’m saved and serious, no play, so ama lift up His name.

I’ve actually lost my brain, i ain’t chasing the fame, no bang bang bang Hey, i ain’t speaking French, so if you slap me, I’ll never revenge

This whole rap thing all started in the street

No penny to record, so we rap without beats

Thinks got hard, and i almost smoke weed

And i almost even did turn a cultist.

Now my area momma’s, street dudes really surprise, I’m tha’ flat tyre, God worked on me i rise

Call me Mario, all my words gat extra life,

Go check my hood they’ll testify

I’m a changed man, with a changed plan, can seat and watch evil, was called to lead this people.

No record deal, but ama still give a record feel.

My good is out, I’m here to shout

I don’t see God but i keep on flatter him

Nollywood come to church, see the real acting

Get ready to be free captives



Now I’m free, oh yea free

Oh I’m free yea I’m free.

Now I’m free oh yea free

I’m free God made me free

Yea I’m free..





No be today (track 7)


Dem been the think say me i don die,

Christ been kpai, but my guy him don rise, He came back and clear the tears from my eyes, e don tey, mehn I say

No be today, no be today, no be today, no be today,

Mehn i say no be today, no be today eh eh,  no be today eh, no be today mehn i say no be today

Chineke malifeni’ne chineke kelifeni’ne, no be today

Chineke malifeni’ne chineke kelifeni’ne. No be today



Na which kind love be this

I no know where to begin with

You take me high up, now I’m in peace. With so much grace, mehn i no fit quit.



Omoh na long time, my father been still the run town, him no know say him go bring up a boy in this city, mehn I mean mak town, mak town?

But now na me be the king of city, ( city)

I take over phones and CD

I am the best in my position I’m standing firm till thy kingdom come.

Chorus repeat.


Random talks (track 9)

Mic check, see coming, I’m coming for the beast who cannot even kill me.

I’m tired of this monsters who love to see the change but hate to change and change is constant?

How on earth can i believe that, but i receive that, when i role with these cats, now I’m gonna bring that, and release that, lyrics that change souls and cleansed heart.

Now i roll out death like Jesus tomb, peace my house, life’s my home.

But wait, everything don’t seems normal, what? Cos you from the rich family, everything seems straight like an ironed cloth, so y believed God’s word that you rich in all, but check out the street, believers still smoking weeds, some strongly believe, they could be rich, but no prove all they get is bullet, it’s like we shooting on em’. The word of God is sharp but it’s killing em’ clean their heart with good detergents, tell me how to do this buddy, now that you feel good and everything is alright, don’t ever tell someone to smile when u don’t know what’s running In their mind, instead bring something to change the heart, a monkey can’t stop climbing the tree if only you change it’s heart to a man’s dream.

Yes you see I’m positive, if there’s any negative, that’s my test for HIV. Hahaha.

Sometimes i wonder if God is watching us down here, when we already feel like we up,  we getting many things loosed by the bragging cell we’ve been chained in.

We complain if our God even exist

Cos we never felt His presence so you doubt if He’s real, but the only time you’ll pray is when you down or ill, tell me something, our hope is dead but not buried, so we could bring back to life in one minute, so i gat no reason to fear, if my album doesn’t sell, but i pray the word of God to be shared.

My faith is my contribution

No selfish ambition

But let this beat my imagination

To reach out every nation. Hold up, hold up.

I can’t give my girlfriend a breathing space cos I’m not a window, if she feel She’ll make it without me, then i live her a widow, Not that I’m dead tho,

But she’s lacking the aid of a performer which Christ made a public show, with no cost

Free tickets like soul flame’s locust.

Uhm i met a guy and he was like you need dope artist to drop an album, and i was like your father! Haha I’m just kidding tho, i gat Jesus on every track.

Tell me the procedures to make a dope album, smoke me and you’ll sell a thousand, hey ama beat that and tell them their very wrong.

Ama burst out, carry my chest out and top the chart and tell them it’s Grace like 2016 leceister.

But the grace is more than that,

I gotta stay focused, and help those selling their soul for craps, God over money, there’s nothing more than that, your hope in this world is troubled, like a straw on an empty bottle, i love doing the motion, now making music that have emotions.

I stopped making music for the claps of the crowd, but the positive thinking of the heart Of a man.

This album’s far from that tho, a new kinda flow, yea you should know, My mum giving birth to me is the best thing for this world after the saviour,

Ain’t tryna bring my own flavour, but you’ll see all after listening to the album.

God is real atheist, you wanna get prove, my album is the latest.

I don’t know what to say about this

But you’ll cry, laugh and jump after listening to all of it

I mean the album gat cables to connect you to the maker

Play it any work, house, cars to my dawgs in the mosque, its also for you its a must and also in the church.

I don’t brag on what i can’t do you dig?

If this life’s for rent, i gat some one who paid the bills,

Now i don’t use cash, i use His blood for everything, my capacity to do call it energy, pls envy me, and I’ll point you to the King.

I’m just a rapper here to beat the odds

I ain’t begging for recognition or you to share my song, they said i must flow local to be given a remark.

I wanna talk my pain and love, so my music is the only option.

You calling me for entertainment or to bless ya?

You might not be wrong, but wait let me spit my heart, it’ll never curse you

All they say is put a smile on your face

But nah, i ain’t tryna be fake

I give all i have

All coming from the heart

I don’t fake for disguise

What you see is coming from inside



Underground business (track 10)




yea I really wanna rhyme

I think its high time

to address issues, instead of focusing on punchline

and if i don’t speak my mind its prolly clear i gat a weak line.

so many wrongs going on in the church

the evil is what some pastors advice us to touch

now formication, hatred, is what dwells among us

cos of the false grace we’ve been taught. abortion very common

they’ll be like there’s nothing bad

now a guy could boldly say he slept with so many church gals on his bed

I gat the zeal that’s why i speak on heresy,

In church no salvation, but money and false prophesy

Yea they label me a Pharisee

Cos I’m stressing on Grace should make you live above sin?

But many Christian artist gotta have sex and stuff back stage

But same people we do clap for when they’re up stage

So unknowingly we charing evil in our front page

This not Grace but great sin

Underground business that’s what we’ve been noticing.



Family shackles ( track 11)


real men don’t care about their beginning.

trade doesn’t ends with what you begin with.

started low but high could be the living.

moving the needle is ur will not to end were its stick in

you a father of many kids

but struggling every day to meet their needs

I mean the feeding and the school fee, all out of reach.

you not man enough, I could probably tell that’s what you feel.

it seems they don’t really get the thrill.

yes you working, but its been long you received your salary.

so you’re like what?

My wife looks down on me

cos I don’t bring home, what they could eat.

see the problem, you a believer, so why all this happening.

now you gat the wrong thought if God is real.

let him provide the meal.

but look @ job story

youll know your current situation doesn’t define thee

now what? you still trust in the king.

he’s word is real

its more than u think

tho life is hot like a cup of tea

but the bread of life never seizes to show he’s supreme, drink him


See the chains broken out

Look at me stepping out

Stepping in freedom

Stepping in liberty

See the chains broken out

Look at me stepping out

Stepping in freedom

Stepping in liberty

My current state don’t define me

So it’ll be cool if you don’t look down on me

My current state don’t define me

It’ll be cool if you don’t look down on me

My current state don’t define me,

Don’t look down on me.


I’m a victor, that’s what to say, you do this when you pray, or maybe you can’t raise your kids properly, they may end up been a cultist, this kills their future fortunately, or for years you don’t have a baby, everything just seems crazy, but you’ll be shocked you still loved by God equally, i don’t know bout’ the yoke you’ve been bound too, but there’s something i could promise you, God still cleanse mehn, it doesn’t mean you not a Christian, the word of God never promised we won’t pass through this incident it may be a preparation for the Glory ahead, pls men of God don’t pretend but tell em.



My help (track14)

Can i really make it on my own

When i need help one showed

In life it seems I’m really broke

But i gat ah lover of my soul

My help

My help comes from Jesus alone(×4

Verse1yea once upon a time

real me, I just wanna be on my grind

oh but I was really hoping and trusting on man.

my faith is useless cos the aim is nonsense.

man will fool you like there care

but when the heat comes they’ll blow to nowhere

real hommies I look up to

when I’m down they the one I could run to

but a need came when I was choked

but they all blew away like a cigarette smoke.

you know some leaders are evil

they don’t really care about their people.

they only show favour to some, but that ain’t legal.

but mama once told me

I gat your back, and she’s always there to console me.

now she’s gone, now its all like a movie.

its seems there no where to run

cos the help she rendered is all gone

and the false promise I received from most of my hommies, didn’t real made me fall, but to stand strong and put my hope in God

so to the believers

they ain’t no other name able to help us… but Jesus king.


I be putting my hope to the flesh no more

Cos I’m standing the Rock I’ll never gonna fall

My future so bright in Christ

Boy I’m sure, o yea we screaming we screaming

My help comes from Jesus alone


young sammy

still a teenager when he lost his parents

so he lived with his aunty

to earn a living cos he was needy

so they vow to take good care of him

he was fine

doing really good making he’s aunt smile

but she was bittered with feeling that she gat no child.

so one day she looked @ Sammy

from her face I can tell she’s really angry

you ain’t even my son

and you here consuming all that I own.

am not you mum

get outta my home

you gatta go

far away and leave us alone

then he left.

but things never worked right.

then he looked up and cried

sorrow is pouring me

no one is loving me

am begging in the streets cos am lonely kid

who’s gonna help me. is that what he’s saying?

But the scriptures says God will never leave us as orphans

God provides through any means

so hé was busy thinking.

the scriptures sinked in.

no more lip sinking

God re pimped him

to a higher living

then he comes with this question.


Power. (Track 15)

I gat the power (×8


I gat tha’ power to change evil to good

making Christ rule

all wise no fool

all new.

flush old school.

I mean we gat no fee to pay,

my headmaster owns the day.

i mean everyday,

ama living being, exist with no sin, we killing it, living in peace. one faith we leave n its Jesus.

you gat nothing to say.

I gat the power to speak out.

till you spare ur speakers.

I could raise the dead.

this the news am happy to spread.

still living after my mum’s death.

i gat the high power, no depth.

cos of calvary

The resurrection power is all i carry, bout’ ain’t a laborer, cos of the finished works hope you gat it?

Do you recognise it’s a need I’ve been fighting for so long

Would you recognise its a hunger only you can feel

How do i do, with all this feeling warming up inside

How do i do with all this treasures i was dreaming of you at last

Would you recognise is a need I’ve been fighting for so long

Would you recognise it’s a hunger only you can fill



Old school Outro (track16)

Yea it’s me bro

Kezman, that’s my name tho

heyyy am beautiful

made in His image that’s really cool

heard many sweet words from my mama

she tells stories she even call me papa

but last year i lost her

since then i begin to know the meaning of a lover

still yet am not with my father,

he gat terrible issues i can’t explain now

but He loves me like a father

but now I’m to ride on my own bike

see I’ve climbed alot of stages

in the street in the church, mehn please help me name it

when I’m up, i hear the fans screaming

But when I’m outside i feel like nobody knows me

how can i control this?

I’m almost 21 and i don’t have a lady

still yet am not searching!

if you wanna know why, take my heart and hack it

some people feel i gat a lot of money

cos they saw me right on their church performing!

sometimes all i get is handshake and i love it

my mission is way bigger than their Benjamins

o yes i want the guap and all of it

but I’ll be wrong if I’m chasing after it sometimes i feel like the best, and deserve a Grammy

but the best I received is an applause from my granny

Oh yea she loves me, when I’m home she never hesitate to prepare

the dishes

I’m just a young rapper trying not to pretend

but some hommies still think that am perfect

that I’m a Christian

all my doings and behavior should be worth it

yea that’s who I’m trying to be

but as of now this is who i be

a man struggling with addictions

not from drugs, but some serious nonsense

yea I’m in love with music but hates false prophets

see am not under men

i love the government

but their will is not my plan

so i don’t wait for their decision

i make my own without any contradiction

Some people don’t like me cos I’m not Facebook


hmm that’s a fake look

i received so many messages

of many people my song have affected

one talks about how his family is in bondage

dad never love the mum but sleep with other ladies

it pains me

but i pray for him

so i write this down so u can pray for them i believe in Jesus and no one can change this

but i was almost an atheist

infact i doubted God lately

now I’ve come to understand this

my life is who I am

I don’t force pplw to relate to me.

if u can’t roll with me

will never be enemy’s

Oh my fan base is dropping

Not even a thousand but hundreds

cos I’m not flowing what they want yea

oh oh, still am not concerned

i ain’t faking, even if i have to play a penalty

I’ll keep rhyming heart music to all corners of the earth

no listeners but the world have ears

see am that shy type

now bouncing with no stage freight

so they’re like is he the shy guy


don’t b confused

my s.h.y now means saved holy youth

see God is good

even when life tryna make me  fool

I’m off with something

if you struggling with anything

just know Jesus is the emotional therapy

Yea i know, yea i know yea i know the king, He’s my emotional therapy!

Yea i know, yea i know, yea i know the King He’s my e.m.o.t.I.o.n.a.l t.h.e.r.a.p.y k.i.n.g


O yeah (track 12)


Lord why do you created me

Can’t you see that I’m suffering

no guap but you need offerings

maybe it seems the pastors deceiving

I don’t understand this word faith

cos I don’t get my desires everyday

u know my heart then, y should i still pray.

everything is never okay, you gat the power to send me to heaven, but here on earth am in hell and pain

mehn this is useless.

this not love, i refuse this

they tell lies and they cool with it

what if heaven ain’t real, then you’ll look foolish

oh you’re lost, and you really need Jesus

without him no life, but you’re cursed

stand like a wall let me paint the picture

Jesus is the one God used for ritual

his only son, now the blood wash us

from sin, from pain, everything, that’s a vain, that’s truth and it’s plain


Mehn this life’s so beautiful

Keep your fridge cos we really cool

Holy living is what we used too

You see our life’s a miracle

So we ballling any stage

We don’t listen to any

Yea we living by His grace

And we learning from the sctipures.

Oh yea oh yea ooh oh yea oh yea oh

Oh yea oh yea oooh oh yea oyea oh


Anticipating all my weakness

That’s the mood without God, poor statistics

I mean all pessimistic

Without God we can’t ornate or decorate life, realistic

With God there’s no mistake, its all clear mehn, not mistapes

So i choose the spirit not flesh cos without God ama full court mess, and my sorrows will be endless,

I’m not making sentence, just telling truth in the right complex

Now I’m joint in Christ, magnet

Cos i give him the praise and receive

the blessings, market..




Codek, that’s a better picture, of my past life

What a bad adventure, of my past life, thinking ish that would He ever help me, playing games like are you ps4ing with me? Oh that

I need this i need that

Hope you listening lord, do you Roger that, i don’t fast i don’t pray, but i need the good things in my way.

Count your blessings name them one at a time, see how he kept you wet in The harmattan.

You’ll never run dry

We stay fly

Like an eagle in the sky, high

So I’m gum to His word like a car sticker,

My high definition dream is getting realer

Even i catch cold I’ll never shiver

Can’t be afraid like Michael Jackson’s thriller,

Err’ day err’ day

We’ll be keeping it real it’s your way

Err’ day err’ day

We’ll be keeping it real it’s your way





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