Update : King of Heart – Tuesday [ 9th Feb ]

The couple that had visited Durgadevi to adopt Aisha are uncovered to be fake. They are back up by a criminal, who intends to kidnap Aisha. The criminal pays the cash to the couple to complete his work. While the couple and the criminal are talking, Durgadevi and Roshni reach the spot.

On discovering that they have arrived, the criminal covers up in a store room. Durgadevi and Roshni are Invited by the couple and keeping in while they are discussing, a phone rings from the store room. Durgadevi requests the couple get the call as it may be an important one. At the point when the couple dithers to get the call, Durgadevi herself strolls up to the store room and urges the couple to get the call.

The couple that will Adopt Aisha is at Durgadevi’s home. Their presence upsets Roshni and she asks Durgadevi the reason for their visit. Durgadevi reveals to her that they are here to adopt Aisha.

Siddharth is informed about this and he races to the scene. In any case, before Siddharth could reach there, Aisha has already left. Siddharth admonishes Durgadevi and he makes his mind up to bring Aisha back. Will Siddharth succeed in bringing Aisha back?

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