Update : King Of Hearts [10th Feb] friday

Durgadevi blames Aisha to be the reason behind the absence of peace in the house. Roshni, then again, does not eat or converse with anybody. Siddharth gets a glass of juice for Roshni and places it on a table. Be that as it may, when he turns to pick up the glass, he observes it to be half.

Siddharth is stunned however feeds the rest of the juice to Aisha. Afterward, Naani Maasi likewise witnesses a shadow close to the kitchen and she finds the shadow running towards the window ornaments.

Just before Siddharth, Roshni and Aisha are going to leave, Durgadevi shows up and requests them not to leave. She apologizes to the Khurana family and tells that she agree with Roshni and Siddharth’s choice of adopting Aisha.

Everyone is astounded on hearing Durgadevi. Durgadevi says that it would require some time for her to accept Aisha. Hence, the Khurana family stay at Durgadevi’s home.

The following day, an agency that takes note of adoption visits Durgadevi’s home and they ask Siddharth. They ask Siddharth to legitimately adopt Aisha through lawful paperwork. Has Durgadevi truly changed

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